Karua Picks Fight With K24 After Interview

  • On Sunday, Narc-Kenya leader, Martha Karua, took to Twitter to angrily blast K24 for stating that she answered a controversial question on Anglo-Leasing. A question which Karua revealed was never asked during the recorded interview with Anne Kiguta.

    Kiguta’s show dubbed Punchline reverted to playing an already recorded tape unlike the past two interviews with DP William Ruto and Former Jubilee party chairman, David Murathe, which were live.

    Inaccurate! The ministers in question stepped aside. Secondly, this question was not asked at all. Listen to the tape carefully,” Karua scathingly posted after K24 posted the ‘fake’ question probing her on why she never resigned in 2005/2006 when a list of shame she released implicated Cabinet officials in Anglo-Leasing scandal.

    The question alleged that the said cabinet officials didn't resign.

    The actual question according to K24 recordings was;

    Why did you not resign in 2005/2006 when it became clear that your cabinet colleagues at that time as Kiraitu Murungi said in the John Githongo tips that they were going slow on corruption. Why did it take you three years for your principles to kick in and not your resignation,” Kiguta inquired.

    Karua went on to defend herself.

    I became minister of Justice after the exit of Kiraitu. My ministry was not being interfered with and I felt I was serving Kenyans. Even in June 2007 when I vetoed the paying of Anglo-Leasing, they were never paid, everything was stopped. They only started paying when I resigned from the government two years later in 2009.

    They also attempted to do other things I won't delve into, then I complained and they stopped. When they started to do the same things I resigned,” Karua revealed.

    Kiguta tried to probe her to reveal the uncouth actions the Anglo-Leasing aligned officials undertook, but all was in vain as Karua was a hard nut to crack.

    Karua further blasted former President Mwai Kibaki and incumbent one Uhuru Kenyatta for paying the fraudlent Anglo-Leasing contracts.

    "The paments started with Kibaki's government and Uhuru has gone on to continue with the payment," Karua condemned.