Waiguru Speaks on DP Ruto Skipping Her Wedding

  • Kirinyaga Governor, Anne Waiguru, spoke on Deputy President William Ruto skipping her wedding, during an interview with Tony Gachoka on KTN’s Pointblank.

    In July, Waiguru married Nairobi lawyer, Kamotho Waiganjo, in a traditional wedding that was attended by prominent politicians and businessmen, including President Uhuru Kenyatta and ODM leader, Raila Odinga. However, DP Ruto was the most notable person who missed the ceremony.

    Asked on why Ruto skipped the wedding, Waiguru played coy with the matter.

    “Attendance of the wedding was voluntary and the absence of Ruto should not be misinterpreted to mean a souring of the relationship between us,” Waiguru revealed.

    Waiguru further divulged the meaning as to why other top leaders attended the wedding, hinting that a political wave was soon to sweep the nation.

    In politics, formations happen. Those who showed up at the wedding were there either to confirm their membership to emerging political formations or friendship,” Waiguru disclosed.

    Waiguru further revealed that she was open to forming an alliance with ODM leader, Raila Odinga and that Mt Kenya region would fully support for the former Premier.

    If it is Raila, he should know that the region will want a piece of his government,” Waiguru spoke.

    However, she categorically stated that her new partnership with Raila did not mean that she had ditched DP Ruto.

    Being a member of the Jubilee Party, we have to separate matters concerning the party from those of the handshake. President Kenyatta is the party leader and Ruto is the deputy party leader.

    When the time comes, we will make a decision on the direction the party will take. Ultimately, Kenyans will determine who will run the country. It is not an individual’s decision,” Waiguru opined.

    The governor went on to disclose that she will continue to assert her position as the voice of Mt Kenya region, ready to take the mantle of leadership if considered in 2022.

    If you go to our region, people are talking and assessing. President Kenyatta will lead us in making a decision as Mt Kenya, on how the political formation will look like.

    It’s upon us to defend the president. I am telling the people of Mt Kenya to get ready for a more aggressive Waiguru,” she asserted.