Ruto Allied MP Calls for Dictator President

  • Kenya is a country guided by democracy and the rule of law, as enshrined in the 2010 promulgated constitution. However, Kiharu Member of Parliament, Ndindi Nyoro, reiterated that Kenya should turn away from democracy as it needs a total dictator.

    The legislator was speaking at Citizen TV on Tuesday night, September 10, during an interview with Hussein Mohammed

    According to the first-time MP, the country was plunging into ruins because of the contested elections and corruption that has engulfed the country. 

    “I would rather be led in a country that is rich than be a leader in a country that is poor. If I got a person in Kenya who will crush corruption even if it includes hanging people at Uhuru Park I would be a very happy Kenyan," Nyoro declared.

    DP Ruto enjoying a meal with Kikuyu MP Kimani Ichungw'a, Kiharu MP Ndindi Nyoro and Murang'a County Woman Rep Sabina Chege. Nyoro called for a dictator president during an interview on Citizen TV on Tuesday, September 10.

    He went on to explain that he regretted posting verbal attacks on social media. However, he indicated that he would not take back his words.

    "Once upon a time, of course, I was very critical and kind of revolutionary, maybe because of age and maybe some language was harsh to those who were being meted by the immoderations of power. When I was writing what I wrote on social media, it was at the height of post-election skirmishes. I regret the language but not the content," Nyoro asserted.

    The embattled legislator further attacked Interior Permanent Secretary, Karanja Kibicho, alleging that he was the kingpin behind Kieleweke, a faction of Jubilee Party supporting the famous handshake.

    "PS Kibicho is punishing me for supporting Deputy President William Ruto. I can tell you and anyone who has contrary views can even take me to court. 'Kieleweke' is funded by PS Kibicho.

    "These people called ‘Kieleweke’ including Maina Kamanda have always told us “Mpende msipende huyu (Raila Odinga) ndiye rais wenu mmzoee mapema (Whether you like it or not, Raila Odinga is your president and you have to get used to that),” he claimed. 

    Nyoro also informed that he wasn't against President Uhuru Kenyatta as he had defended the head of state severally, before praising his constituents for standing up with him.

    "I thank the people of Kiharu because they stood up against the then looming embarrassment that was to be caused not just to me as a person but as their MP," Nyoro applauded.

    Citizen TV's Mohammed Hussein with MP Ndindi Nyoro. The legislator called for a dictator president in Kenya

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