KTN Anchor's Wife Reveals Battle With Rare Disease

  • A KTN News anchor's wife opened up on her battle with a rare health condition, which was diagnosed with after giving birth to her first child.

    Amina Mude, the wife to anchor Ben Kitili, took to Instagram on Friday, January 24, to reveal that she has been struggling with hypothyroidism. 

    According to a medic who spoke to Kenyans.co.ke, hypothyroidism is a condition affecting the thyroid gland, such that it is not able to produce enough of the thyroid hormone. 

    Ben Kitili

    "The thyroid gland produces hormones that regulate the body's metabolic rate as well as heart and digestive functions, muscle control, brain development, mood and bone maintenance," the medic informed. 

    "I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism back in 2015 immediately after I had my daughter. I was experiencing almost all of its symptoms. 

    "Depression and severe weight gain was my biggest concern. I was 95kgs from 69kgs. This was followed by episodes of depression. Thank God I discovered that I was hypothyroid," the mother of two disclosed.

    According to our expert, hypothyroidism is not related to pregnancy, it just so happened that Amina was diagnosed after delivery. 

    The news anchor's wife went on to assert that she strongly fought the disease and is fairing on well.

    "Four years down the line, I have been able to control my thyroid levels. Am happier and healthier.

    "A lifestyle change, as well as proper medications, has helped me lose 30kgs, from 110kgs to 80kgs," Kitili's wife affirmed. 

    She went on to detail that discovering the condition earlier enabled her to strive to live a normal life and at the same time, create awareness of the disease.  

    “In line with creating awareness on my page, I have a support group for anyone living with hypothyroidism. The platform is a safe haven for people like me. I want you to feel safe, understood and cared for. I will make it my duty to share all the knowledge I have learnt on how to manage the condition.

    "I believe that I was created for a purpose and so bring forth peace, joy and happiness to the world," Mude asserted. 

    Hypothyroidism can be treated or managed through the surgical removal of the thyroid, radiation therapy and medication. 

    Ben Kitili and his wife Amina Mude with friends and family at the Panari Hotel