Julian Kyula: From Chance Elevator Meeting to Calling Shots in US

  • The Purpose Center Church founder Julian Kyula
    The Purpose Center Church founder Julian Kyula
  • Popular Kenyan Pastor Julian Kyula of the Purpose Center Church has revealed that his rise to the top echelon of a US company was meteoric in nature.

    In an interview with a YouTube Channel, Cleaning The Airwaves (CTA), on Monday, October 19, Kyula revealed that his start in the United States was somewhat rough.

    The 45-year-old entrepreneur's journey began with a career in piloting which fell flat mid-course.

    "At about form two, I really wanted to be a pilot, but it was sensational partly because I had relatives who had flown me in the cockpit.

    The Purpose Center Church founder Julian Kyula
    The Purpose Center Church founder Julian Kyula

    "The problem was, when I finally finished High School and left for the US, I started working towards becoming a pilot. I wanted to become an aeronautical engineer. The problem was that I had never gotten into small planes," he stated.

    He further explained that every time he would board small aircrafts for training, his body would react and he would become sick; vomiting and having panic attacks.

    After being dismissed from the aviation school, he decided to start over and enrolled for a different course, but he also had to do part-time jobs to supplement his income.

    He first worked as a waiter and later as a valet driver to raise money. He also sold perfumes.

    "I said I want to venture into business and I wanted to do a business course... I waited tables, I did valet. I did those jobs and it was tiring. It was 100 cars needing to be parked every minute," he added.

    He did the jobs concurrently while undertaking his business course during the day.

    His break came when he landed a job at a credit company called Nationwide Credit which dealt with distribution of credit cards to Americans.

    He worked hard and climbed the ladder to become a manager at the company.

    After a stint at Nationwide Credit, Kyula landed at Allegis Group where his life-changing elevator pitch happened.

    "Allegis is where the owner became my mentor. This guy just took me under his arm. We met in an elevator. There were 4,000 employees at that time in the company. All we were doing was call-centered stuff," he explained.

    He had become concerned that he was not getting calls to attend to at the company, yet customers were calling in with inquiries.

    "I said, 'sometimes I sit and wait for 10 minutes, and I don't have call and you pay me by the hour yet I know that people are calling. So something is going on with the system, but I think I know what is going own,'" he told the owner.

    He was summoned the next day and was asked to elaborate on his idea, which he did.

    "My life changed. He had a New York Office and I became a senior person there. I started growing and was put in charge of the dialer system. I started understanding how the thing worked." he explained.

    In 2011, Kyula opened his own company, Mod, which specialised in offering mobile phone credit to customers in Kenya and across the world.

    By June 2013, the company was handling 500 million transactions.

    Below is the video of Kyula's narration: