Man Captured on CCTV Stealing From Nairobi Apartment

  • An image of a CCTV Footage
    A screengrab of a CCTV footage showing a man stealing from an apartment in Mirema, Nairobi.
  • A daring middle-aged man was captured on CCTV stealing at an apartment in Mirema, Nairobi county.

    The man who is yet to be identified made away with a laptop after breaking into one of the houses in the apartment

    The burglar managed to gain access into the apartment after waiting for one of the tenants to open the locked entrance.

    A Kenyan Police Officer at a crime scene
    A Kenyan Police Officer at a crime scene

    He is then seen running into the apartment with the lady who opened the door lagging behind as she locked the entrance door.

    The man is seemingly in a rush to escape the lady who had opened the door, he is then seen checking the lock of a house in the apartment.

    He then proceeds to check the locks of different houses but walks away after finding them locked.

    The man stumbles upon a house and takes time before picking the lock of the house, scouts the house before making an entrance.

    After a few seconds, the man emerges with a bag and casually goes down a flight of stairs, walking away casually from the apartment.

    He has a lucky escape during his robbery as he manages to escape tenants who are seen walking around in the apartment block.

    The burglar takes time to lock the door before walking away with the bag half hanged on his shoulder.

    There has been a rise in insecurity cases across the country as on Sunday armed robbers attacked the Mountain Mall along Thika Road, Nairobi and shot dead a security guard.

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