DP Ruto Phones Kiambu Widow, Promises to Change Her Life

  • Kiambu Women Rep on a call
    Kiambu Women Rep Gathoni Wamuchomba And Mama Njeri Having A call with Deputy President William Ruto, September 21. : Facebook
  • Deputy President, William Ruto made a surprise phone call to a widow through Kiambu Women Representative Gathoni Wambuchomba, promising to change her life for the better.

    This was after a toddler to the widow, only identified as Mama Njeri,  wowed the DP with her singing ability at an event on September 19 in Kiambu County

    The toddler, Margaret Njeri, was among a group of young girls from a care home who had entertained and treated the DP to song and dance.

    Ruto, who was in attendance during the church service in Githurungi, was so touched by the toddler's singing abilities and took interest in her and the circumstances under which she was at the care home.

    William Ruto
    William Ruto(L) Alongside Wamuchomba (R) During A Church Service At Githunguri, Kiambu County On September 19. : Facebook.

    Upon enquiry, the DP learnt that the girl's mother was a widow, living in abject poverty and had given her up for adopting. 

    Through the Woman Representative, the DP reached out to the widow and donated 100 bags of maize, among other food stuffs, to the care home.

    “Mama Njeri, How are you doing? I went to Gaithathi Care Home to meet up with your kids. Why did you give them away?” Ruto is heard enquiring from the widow through a phone call.

    The mother of three responded, telling the DP that she did so following the demise of her husband earlier in the year.

    She said after her husband passed on, she has been unable to cater for basic needs for her kids, prompting the move.

    “I want you and Gathoni Wamuchoba (Kiambu Women Rep) to have a chat on how you want to be assisted so that you can be reunited with your kids,” Ruto is heard telling her.

    Wamuchomba revealed that the widow's other kid is only 9 months, whilst the eldest is a student at a local university.

    “You have heard that I have been sent and now, whatever agreement we make with your late husband family, your father-in-law, village elders and the home shall be carried out.

    The widow added that she would like to be supported to start selling clothes after the Woman Rep enquired about her choice of business she would like the DP to support.

    “We will make sure you sell the clothes at your own shop,” Wamchumbo promised, as she thanked Ruto for delivering his promise of 100 bags of maize and other foodstuffs to the home.

    Gathoni Wamuchomba
    Kiambu Women Rep Gathoni Wamuchomba(R) Shedding Tears As Magaret Njeri(L) was singing On September 21. : Facebook