4 Major Privileges Enjoyed by Drivers with 'L - Sign' on Cars 

L-sticker on a car
A photo collage of an L-sticker on a car.

The red 'L' sticker sign on private cars is a privileged indication that the driver is a learner on the road, hence alerting other motorists and road users to approach with caution and keep a distance. 

Kenya's Traffic Act CAP 403 demands that new drivers have the sticker on both the rear and front sides of the vehicle. 

While this sticker can easily be ignored by many new drivers, it comes with a lot of privileges and legal protections for the driver and the vehicle. 

An undated image of cars in traffic in Nairobi's Central Business District
An undated image of cars in traffic in Nairobi's Central Business District

A set of generic learner 'L' Sign car stickers must be placed on the front and back windscreens of the car; and the sticker is recommended for anyone who graduated from a driving school within six months. 

Here are some of the privileges enjoyed by motorists with the 'L' sticker on their car as compiled by Kenyans.co.ke

1. Warning to motorists 

A fluorescent tabard displaying an 'L' on the rear is required for motorists using a provisional license or learner permit in order to warn other road users. 

It is, therefore, a great tool to have if you are a newbie driver in order to protect yourself, your passengers, and your vehicle. 

2. Legal advice and guidance by Law enforcers 

An L-sticker holder will most likely receive a piece of advice and guidance from law enforcement officers whenever he or she is driving on the road.

Instead of punishing an L-sticker holder for traffic misconduct, police officers are encouraged to provide assistance and a piece of advice to such drivers. 

It's therefore very necessary for an L - sticker holders to present their provisional driver's license whenever they are summoned by police officers. 

3. Mitigation in Court 

In the event a traffic offence reaches a court of law, a sitting magistrate will most likely ask the suspect to narrate his or her mitigation request before sentencing. 

"Mitigation is a complex, multi-pronged approach to preparing for sentencing for a defendant's crime with the goal of reducing or lessening the effects of aggravating factors. 

"Mitigation is the story-telling part of representing the criminal defendant," Law experts at PDS explained. 

A magistrate or a judge will be very lenient on an L-sticker holder, especially if the driver has proof that he or she is a new motorist on the road. 

4. Leniency in case of an accident

In case of an accident caused by a learner, the law will generously be merciful to the offender, especially, when there is serious damage or loss of life. 

Experienced drivers are likely to face the full force of the law in case an accident occurs, but a learner will be allowed to plead for mercy on the basis that he or she is still learning.

It is advisable to keep that “L” on your car until you feel confident enough to drive without it since the sticker is removed at your discretion, not anybody else’s.

The National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) replaced the infamous maroon driver's license with new smart ones. 

Smart driver's licenses have new capabilities and features including details of the driver's blood group, and license number among others.

Motorists stuck in traffic along the Express Way in Mombasa Road on Tuesday, May 24, 2022.
Motorists stuck in traffic along the Nairobi Expressway along the Mombasa Road section on Tuesday, May 24, 2022.
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