Citizen TV's Hussein Mohamed to Interview Raila Odinga on News Night

  • Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) party leader Raila Odinga will on Tuesday night be featured for a live interview on Citizen TV's News Night Show.

    Announcing the interview, the station put up a promotional poster informing Kenyans of the much-anticipated interview that will be hosted by the celebrated news anchor Hussein Mohamed.

    The interview will be the first of the opposition leader since the highly contested General Election on August 8, 2017. 

    [caption caption="A screenshot of the promotional poster of Opposition leader Raila Odinga's interview at Citizen TV"][/caption]

    Upon receiving the news, Kenyans applauded the media station for bringing in Mr Odinga with most expressing their love for the show. 

    Netizens were also swift to highlight that Citizen TV thought it well to have Hussein interview Odinga due to his prowess in interviewing high profile figures while approaching issues "less touched by other journalists."

    One William stated: "Seems we have all the ingredients for a good show! a good host and a star guest to go with it #NewsNight."

    Others went ahead to encourage Hussein to ensure that he asks him (Raila) hard questions stating, "I want you to ask difficult questions. We have a handshake in place. Don't fear arrest."

    The interview is arguably the second much-hyped one-on-ones after DP William Ruto's interview with NTV's Mark Masaai.

    Kenyans took to Twitter to urge the NTV news anchor to watch the interview as he "disappointed the public" when questioning the Deputy President. 

    Kenna Space exclaimed: "Please also tag Maasai on this so that he can learn how interviews are done.

    "Tag Masaai too hope this gonna be more fire not like that for Masaai and his excellence Ruto," Imani Immah reiterated.

    Additionally, some Kenyans took it upon themselves to state questions that they would like Hussein to ask Odinga. 

    "I want you to ask the people's president to at least extend the handshake to Garissa where we have politicians who never shook hands with each other,' another netizen noted. 

    Here are more reactions from Kenyans: 

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