Karua Opens Up on How Kibaki Used and Dumped Her

  • Iron lady, Martha Karua, while speaking to K24 TV’s Anne Kiguta in an interview, opened up on how former President, Mwai Kibaki, used and later dumped her.

    The no-nonsense Narc-Kenya leader revealed her deeper wounds while refuting assertions that she was the closest Cabinet Minister to Mwai Kibaki.

    To those who do not know the happenings in government, they would think I was very close to President Kibaki. Some even thought I was.

    However, I was an outsider in his government. An outsider in the sense that I was outside his kitchen cabinet because of my uncompromising stand on matters of integrity,” Karua revealed.

    According to the seasoned advocate, things fell apart after she declined to be part of a scheme to pay Anglo Leasing fraudulent contracts.

    At that time Amos Kimunya was Finance Minister. They started to alienate me from Kibaki’s circle in June 2007 before elections when they wanted to pay Anglo Leasing. When I completely resisted, there was a fallout.

    All that work I did for him, and yet there was the consistent undermining of my ministry after seeing I could not do some things. However, they did them when I was absent,Karua revealed.

    The self-proclaimed one-woman army disclosed that Kibaki did not treat her as close confidant which eventually led to her resignation as she could not bear with the pain and being looked down upon.

    Yes, he held me in high regards but only to the extent of holding my hands to do his errands,” Karua lamented on how Kibaki demeaned her.

    When you differ in politics, the best thing is to pack and leave. I said I cannot continue with this job, take it. If standing on principle is being stubborn then I am stubborn, I cannot do something that my inner self tells me not to do,” she recalled and declared at the same time.

    In 2008, after the hotly contested 2007 controversial general elections, which saw the then Electoral Commission of Kenya (ECK) chairman, the late Samuel Kivuitu, declare Kibaki president, Karua was Kibaki’s election agent at KICC.

    She has severally faced backlash for supporting Kibaki as some people alleged that Karma came back to haunt in 2017 Kirinyaga gubernatorial elections.

    Many opined that just as she stood for Kibaki in a rigged election and 10 years later, she was rigged out in favour of Anne Waiguru.

    People who attack me are doing so out of malice. All I did for Kibaki was because of the political divide. I had run on a Narc-Kenya candidature and my party was inside Kibaki’s Party of National Unity (PNU).

    Going to KICC in 2008 as Kibaki’s agent, was the same as what James Orengo did for former Prime Minister, Raila Odinga. Anyone who claims my being there was wrong is undemocratic and thinks only Raila deserved any agents,” Karua defended.

    However, she went on to state that she had no regrets whatsoever for supporting Kibaki and that she had buried the hatchet on all that transpired.

    I have no regrets whatsoever. There is a time we met at the Muthaiga Golf Club. I have goodwill towards him because after all, he gave me the chance to serve Kenya,” Karua appreciated.

    Watch the video courtesy of K24.