Itumbi Threatens K24's Anne Kiguta on Live TV

  • Digital Strategist, Dennis Itumbi, angrily ranted about how top media houses had disrespected him after they reported that he had been kicked out of State House and was forced to work at Deputy President William Ruto's office

    Itumbi, who was appearing on K24 TV's Punchline on Sunday night, October 20, accused host Anne Kiguta of misreporting that the President's Strategic Communications Unit had been disbanded.

    According to Itumbi, no one confirmed the disbandment reports with him and he had therefore resorted to suing top media houses.

    He also threatened to open defamation suits if they did not adhere to a 14-day deadline he had issued to have them respond to his suit.

    Dennis Itumbi with Anne Kiguta during the interview on Sunday, October 20.

    "When was the PSCU disbanded? I think media houses are confused like you were when you were scripting your introduction.

    "PSCU was never disbanded. Where is the letter? When were people kicked out? Maybe you have a letter I didn't see. When was it disbanded?" Itumbi wondered.

    Kiguta went on to defend her sentiments, detailing how the unit was allegedly overhauled.

    "There were reports that you, who was heading that strategic unit alongside others during the controversy that was later known as the rift between the Tanga Tanga and Kieleweke, were thrown out of from State House,

    "You yourself was physically removed from working within those premises and you went to work with the DP in a similar capacity. New faces were brought on board, faces that led to the overhaul of that unit and even the announcement of a new head of press," Kiguta argued.

    She further asked Itumbi to elaborate on claims that he still worked at State House, to which Itumbi vocally defended. 

    "Its fake news. No one has ever bothered to call me or my colleagues to find out where I work from. I work from State House. In fact, one of the top newspapers called the spokesman of the DP and they were informed that I work at State House and not at Ruto's office
    The newspaper went on to report that I was kicked out, the same narrative I am hearing from you.

    "I have sued this media house, Nation and Standard. I have given them demand letters and by the end of 14 days, I will open defamation suits on them. It is unfair for a mainstream media to perpetuate lies hoping that they will turn out to be true," Itumbi cried out.

    Kiguta however, played coy with the matter, distancing herself from Itumbi's threats. 

    "It is your right to do that," she asserted. 

    On July 4, 2019, K24 stated that claims of infighting, sabotage and insubordination saw Dennis Itumbi and his ilk fired in a shock decision by State House Chief of Staff Nzioka Waita.

    They also reported that senior directors, James Kinyua (Events/Branding), Edward Irungu (Press), Munyori Buku (External Communications/Media) and Eric Ng’eno (Speechwriting and Research) were fired alongside Itumbi.

    They were later reinstated but moved to the Deputy President William Ruto’s Harambee House Annex according to K24.

    DP Ruto with blogger Dennis Itumbi. On Sunday, October 20, Itumbi argues that he works at State House and not at the DP's office

    Video courtesy of K24.