NTV Presenter: Losing Three Family Members in 2019 Broke Me [VIDEO]

  • An NTV presenter, who also hosts a midmorning show on Nation FM, detailed how harrowing the year 2019 was. 

    Cate Rira, Lit 360 presenter disclosed that she lost three loved ones in that year, but still had to smile on camera when duty called.

    On Monday, December 30, 2019, through her YouTube channel, the vocal and vibrant entertainer asserted that the loss of her family members almost broke her into pieces.

    Cate Rira during one of her morning shows at Nation FM in 2019. She opened up on the pain of losing three family members in one year

    "I started my year in the hospital, not me, but the closest people in my heart. I held my uncle on the floor as he died. I was stressed tired, desperate and angry.

    My world was still crumbling and my heart was in despair. I was losing myself and still had to smile and come to work," Rira narrated.

    A few months later, the radio queen's rough patch upsurged, after she lost her baby cousin, adding more woes to a sorrowful year.

    "The year kept bleeding. Months later, I was reading my baby cousin's eulogy. How? I was just talking to her days ago. A beloved cousin, a young sister. 

    "I have stood in front of thousands, broadcasted on National TV, but reading this eulogy was one of the hardest things I have ever done," she recalled.

    The situation worsened as a few months later, again, she was burying another family member. 

    "In tears again we buried another family member who left behind a three-month-old baby. How was I going to read another eulogy again? How was I going to be expected to be strong again and smile?

    "It was easy to sleep than be false at people. The audacity to stand in front of people and smile in front of cameras was getting hard. I am glad my extra kilograms were not visible. But I still had to smile through all comments and everything," Rira asserted.

    Her attempt to soothe her weary soul with love backfired, as she 

    "I gave my energy, my all thinking it was time to settle down. I called it passion without pictures. What's funny is I thought it would last. 

    "I cut off all friends because I needed to re-energise," she detailed.

    However, getting a chance to interact with fans on radio, through Nation FM in September 2019, came as a blessing to her. It offered her a chance to use her voice one more time to impact people's lives. 

    Nation FM presenter Cate Rira alongside her co-host Dr Kingori at Nation FM studios

    VIDEO: YouTube