KDF Bus Rams Into Matatu, Deaths Reported

  • A Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) Bus lost control and hit a 14-seater matatu at Dundori area in Bahati, Nakuru County on Friday, October 25.

    K24 Digital reported on Saturday, October 26 that two people were confirmed dead while scores were injured after the accident.

    The accident happened near Lanet barracks at around 6:50 pm after the 33-seater KDF bus lost control and rammed into the matatu belonging to Nyamakima Sacco.

    The KDF Bus that rammed into the Nyamakima matatu killing two passengers on Friday, October 25.

    Reports revealed that the bus had a braking system problem that resulted in the bus losing its control leading to the collision.

    "The bus thereafter, landed in a ditch outside Dundori Police station, whereas the matatu hurtled towards a petrol station right opposite the police post," an eye witness disclosed.

    Several vendors who were selling merchandise on the roadsides were also injured in the process with reports claiming that some had broken limbs from the accident.

    Nakuru Police Commander Stephen Matu divulged the number of fatalities but could not account for those injured as he mentioned he had not received official information from the area OCPD.

    The deceased were taken to Nakuru County level 5 hospital morgue while the injured were also taken to the same facility to receive medical care.

    This came after five people died in a horrific accident that involved a multiple car crash on Tuesday, October 2 at Kamulu area.

    A Toyota Probox collided head-on with a bus belonging to the Kenya Bus Service (KBS) which in turn hit a pick up truck.

    The passengers in the Probox were reported to be heading to Joska on Kangundo road when their car collided with the bus.

    "Several other passengers were injured in the process and were taken to Mama Lucy hospital for treatment," Nairobi Police Commander Peter Ndolo confirmed.

    5 people died after a probox collided head-on with a bus belonging to KBS which in turn hit a pickup truck.