30 Journalists Who Became the News Themselves (Part 2)

  • Journalists are charged with the task of informing the public in matters that affect them both directly and indirectly.

    The following are the journalists who moved from behind the desk to making the headlines:

    Sophia Wanuna

    The KTN anchor and reporter found herself in trouble when she was nearly beaten up in Kibra while covering election activities during the 2017 General Election.

    She was confronted by a NASA supporter wielding a metal rod and threatened her to leave or be dealt with.

    A similar situation happened when she was almost brutalised by anti-riot officers who attacked the media during lawyer Miguna Miguna's failed homecoming earlier in the year.

    Willis Raburu

    The Citizen TV journalist dislocated his knee on air during the then Power Breakfast fitness show in 2016.

    Raburu was in so much pain that led to the show being cut short in order for him to receive medical treatment.

    Paul Wafula

    The investigative journalist at Standard Group was a subject of discussion a few months ago after his report on the discrimination of Kenyan workers over the Standard Gauge Railway (SGR) train.

    The story elicited mixed reactions with a section of people accusing him of not being credible with his stories while some claimed he was being used by powerful, rich individuals to attack the government.

    However, a majority stood by him and even started a trending hashtag to thank the journalist for the exposé.

    Duncan Khaemba

    Khaemba was arrested by police officers for being in possession of bulletproof gear without a license during the 2017 election season.

    He was, however, released after it was verified that he had a license for the gear.

    Rashid Ronald

    Rashid was attacked by police officers during an anti-IEBC protest in Kisumu after officers threw tear gas to disperse the protesters.

    Journalists at that time were not affected by the protest.

    He got injured on the leg after the officers beat him up stating that he was no different from the protesters.

    Janet Kanini

    The former NTV presenter became an inspiration for many after battling stage 4 cancer for two years after being diagnosed with it in 2015.

    In 2016, she revealed that she was cured from it after undergoing treatment. However, the joy was shot lived after she passed on at the beginning of April in 2017.

    Larry Madowo

    The former NTV anchor and The Trend host, together with colleagues Linus Kaikai and Ken Mijungu, in February, spent the night in the newsroom for fear of being arrested by police officers.

    The reason for the arrest was due to the failure of the media house to follow the directive made by the Cabinet Secretary for Interior and Coordination of National Government Dr. Fred Matiangi over the coverage of ODM leader Raila Odinga’s swearing in ceremony on January 30.

    Francis Gachuri

    The Citizen TV journalist was attacked by a group of NASA supporters after a press briefing at Wiper headquarters in Nairobi.

    The youth claimed that the senior reporter and the media house were biased during the 2017 General Election.

    Jane Gatwiri

    The NTV camera lady was attacked by supporters affiliated to NASA during the filming of Gachuri's ejection from the Wiper party premises in Lavington.

    Gatwiri was slapped by the rowdy youth after she refused to stop filming the incident.

    Aaron Ochieng

    The former KTN editor made the headlines after he was arrested over the theft of colleague Joy Doreen Biira’s car.

    Reports claimed that Ochieng stole the Sh2.8 million Mercedes Benz from Standard Group’s parking lot along Mombasa Road in December 2016.

    He was later arraigned where he requested to have the matter solved outside the court.

    Shaban Makokha

    The NTV correspondent for Kakamega was beaten up by police officers while photographing a group of youth fighting over money given to them by a politician.

    One of the officers tried to help him from being clobbered but his efforts were unsuccessful.

    He was taken to the Shianda police station after the incident where he was held for over three hours before being released.

    Winnie Atieno

    The NTV reporter was attacked in Coast in August this year after filming the construction of a hotel that encroached into the ocean.

    She, together with NTV cameraman Karim Rajan and Daily Nation photographer Laban Walloga, were attacked by the workers of the hotel before they were arrested by police officers over the incident.

    Faith Matete

    The Star journalist made the headlines after she was attacked in Kisumu during anti-IEBC protests back in 2016.

    The officers that attacked the journalist claimed that the she had exposed their work in a negative manner and as a result, she did not deserve special treatment during the protest.

    Victor Muyakane

    The KBC journalist was the talk of town after he saved a disabled boy from being stung by bees outside the Supreme Court.

    The journalist was filming the protesters who were outside the court waiting for the ruling by the judges after the nullification of the presidential results in 2017 elections.

    He was rushed to hospital after being stung while saving the beggar who could not manage to flee the attack.

    Irene Mugo

    The Nation correspondent made the news after being apprehended in Nyeri while interviewing relatives of a man who wore a T-shirt bearing a message against Deputy President William Ruto.

    The man wore the T-shirt with the word Kieleweke/Big4First during a fundraising at Mukurwe-ini where the Deputy President was the chief guest.

    She was detained at the area police station where her notebook and phone were confisticated.